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Enchanting Elves - No.1 Preschool in Kilpauk

Preschools in Ayanavaram

Grab your admission at Enchanting Elves No 1 Preschool in Ayanavaram, Purasawalkam, Kilpauk. It is a concept based preschool in Purasawalkam, Ayanavaram, Kilpauk developed by Enchanting Elves to help school going children excel in extracurricular activities. The core of the preschool program is an after school curriculum delivered in collaboration with experienced externals. Education and development have a solid connection, which can sustain the child from the specific essential or root level. Actualities and figure say, early learning is the initial step of a youngster's advancement and must be accomplished by passionate and physical help from the family.

A kid's schooling days starts at preschool, which is frequently known as Kindergarten. Our International After School care program in Kilpauk, Ayanavaram, Purasawalkam is for school going children below the age of 5. Our preschool program provide an extremely safe and fun environment for children. We have a well supervised learning environment for our after school programs. We have dedicated teaching staff to help students complete their home work

We cherish every child's dream

Every child has a dream, and we cherish it. We can make your child's dream a reality here at Enchanting Elves, teaching them how best to develop their many skills and talents, while encouraging them to become better people in the society. With our after school program, kindergarten and school-age children have the opportunity to experience learning and fun at the same time, satisfying their restless minds.

Our Preschool program provides an exciting after school enrichment program in a safe, well-supervised environment that engages and encourages young students to achieve their highest potential. The aim of the program is to prepare students to not only succeed in life and function in society to the best of their abilities, but also help every child understand his/her own unique potential. The modules are age appropriate and move away from telling – ‘This is’ to ‘what do u think this is?’ which helps put joy back into learning.

Our curriculum covers supervised, enriching and exciting activities which would greatly influence your child's development. These activities include educational and recreational activities solely for your child’s positive all round development. In our curriculum is incorporated several programs which include; homework assistance, tutoring, literacy, creative expression, science, math, arts, physical education, community activities, fun and creative summer camp and programs, field trips, and your child’s interest areas.

Our Preschool is perfect for your child

Concepts are better explained when children visualise what is being taught. Every single concept in the syllabus is brought to life by the visual and auditory manner of teaching

All stories are brought to life by using puppets, props and other paraphernalia. The child completely understands what is being explained as he is able to see the whole story unfold before him.

Ho did cows come to be the Farmers's friends? why do we celebrate the Festivals of lights? Who were the Three kings who visited jesus in the manger? How is Eid observed? We look at the underlying beliefs and faith of every religion and enjoy the festivities in our special way!

Enchanting Elves Preschool in Ayanavaram, Purasawalkam, Kilpauk is all about character and is holistic. With the growing anxieties of parents and increasing issues with society, our need to emphasize on aspects of safety and security is supreme. We have preschool admission open for in and around purasawalkam, kilpauk, ayanavaram.

Enchanting Elves Preschool @ Kilpauk include discussions on:

1.Safe touch and bad touch 2. Talking to strangers 3. Taking food from strangers 4. Leaving with strangers

Preschool TIMINGS : 12.30 PM to 7.30 PM

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