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Concept-Based Play School in Kilpauk, Chennai

Call - +91-875444231 if you are Looking for an affordable & within budget play school in Ayanavaram, Kilpauk, Purasawalkam then Enchanting Elves is your right choice. We established as no 1 play school in Purasawalkam, Ayanavaram, Kilpauk providing customized curriculum for the kids, on the basis of early childhood from the University of Massachusetts. We are backed by our experienced faculties, who teach kids learning with fun. Our Play School follow international standard and our method of teaching is learning through fun. Nowadays children with an increase in grasping power the complexity of the topic increases, reinforcing whatever they have learned in the previous classroom. We have two different playgroups for different age kids.

Play Groups

Play Group - 1.6 Years to 1.11 years
Play Group Plus - 2 Years to 2.5 years

Our Vision for every child, our legacy, our future - to guide them through their formative years building self-esteem by establishing independence and confidence while fostering learning at their own pace in an active, caring, play-based learning environment.

For our one of a kind program for Enchanting elves Play School, we have built up our own educational modules in view of globally accepted procedures. Our educational programs are outlined so as to build up the kid as a free person. We have an exceedingly sustaining and youngsters well-disposed condition. Kids acquire learning through play. Our prepared educators go about as facilitators to spur them to participate in assembling exercises.

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Values @ Enchanting Elves Play School

Confidence, Respect, Identity, Relationship, and Communication

Confidence: To develop social/intellectual/emotional growth and self-confidence through involved learning.

Respect: To understand the need to respect elders, peers as well as the environment.

Identity: To cultivate a strong sense of identity

Relationships: To build lasting relationships by helping and understanding each other.

Communication: To become effective communicators.

Motor Skills

Play Effects and reflects development in several areas such as the physical, cognitive, social and emotional spheres of the child. it is our endeavour to enhance the gross motor skills - movements of the large muscles of the body and the fine motor skills which require movement of small muscles usually in coordination with the eye. These include movement of the tongue and lips, wriggling of the toes and the foot-eye coordination. Without reasonable gross motor skills, children often struggle with the fine motor skills that required for formal school work.

Outdoor and Free Play

Play here is child initiated rather than teacher initiated and is the foundation of academic learning. Children need time to engage in play, alone and with friends. We have several games to facilitate just this and to teach them teamwork and co-operation using the techniques of parachute play, circle time, mystery bag and good free play in equipped playgrounds.

Music and Art

Music is a powerful source of creative energy. We intend to develop each child's body awareness and movement through various techniques, to make it as enjoyable as possible. Art offers the opportunity to develop the creative ability of the child through the study of colour, line, pattern, tone, texture, shape, form and shape.

Extra Curricular Activities

Enchanting Elves Play School in Purasawalkam, Ayanavaram, Kilpauk offers a wide range of after-school sessions which focus on a well rounded and holistic improvement of the child. Parents can choose from fitness to fun with storytelling, theatre, drawing, dance and much more! The Teachers and staff of Enchanting Elves play school in Ayanavaram, Kilpauk, Purasawalkam are well trained in handling children, basic psychology, classroom management and First aid. Contact Us for enquire: +91-8754442318, 9677230802

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